Graffiti in the interior of the house

The uniqueness of the design of the living space is one of the main goals of almost every modern person. Fortunately, to achieve it, there are many options for every taste. One of the newfangled and progressive trends in the design of rooms is the use of graffiti in the interior.

The style, for example, is quite peculiar and, as a rule, attracts the attention of bright and extraordinary individuals who want to Express their special views on the world around them and breathe a new stream of life and energy into their home.

Graffiti is a way of self-expression through drawings or inscriptions on walls. Today's paint sketches using aerosols or brushes are the result of a long history of graffiti that goes back to ancient times. The first graffiti artists can be called people who used words and phrases scrawled on rocks or rocks, as well as sketches of everything that surrounded them, to communicate with each other.

A closer acquaintance of modern man with graffiti occurred in the last century. At that time, peculiar arts expressed by garish inscriptions and bold images in the metro, on fences or walls of houses, were regarded as street hooliganism of the " new " youth. Only decades later, non-traditional art became the impetus for the development of a newfangled trend in the design of residential areas.

Today, the interior of an apartment with graffiti elements is an actual and fashionable turn in the world of design skills. With images, from short phrases to huge drawings, you can Express your fantasies, attachments, or dreams. The subject, meaning, method of application, size and palette of graffiti paints are very diverse and completely depend on the desire of the owner of the living space. Paintings can be either bright and flashy, or calm and peaceful. Graffiti adds dynamic notes to the interior, making it iridescent, refined and lively.

There are two ways to create a unique masterpiece in your apartment:

using acrylic paints that are applied to the surface using aerosol cans, roller, brushes or stencil. You can perform graffiti with your own hands, but without experience, it is better to use the services of artists and designers; with the help of ready-made graffiti Wallpapers, when pasting them, you can radically change any room without the help of a professional. The image on the Wallpaper is almost impossible to distinguish from the painted one. The range of graffiti Wallpapers is quite large, which allows you to choose a suitable option for different interior styles. Also, graffiti Wallpapers have different textures, suitable for both the bedroom and the kitchen with a bathroom.

Over the past decade, graffiti, which is progressing and causing more and more interest, has many fans, for whom the eccentric art has become a reflection of their inner world.

Choosing an image for graffiti, based on your own preferences, you should understand that it will become an integral part of the interior. In order not to violate the integrity of the design and home comfort, it is necessary to compare your choice with the overall design of the room. All lines and colors of graffiti should fit correctly into the space, creating a harmonious picture. The theme, size and meaning of the image should not negate the stylistic direction of the apartment.

Graffiti can be done on a wall, ceiling, or with the transition from the ceiling to the wall, and then to the floor. Drawings can be drawn on a brick wall, plastered, mirror, plastic, wood or metal surface. Graffiti elements are applied even to furniture, thus preserving a single style. A drawing may have a specific plot, or it may not have one at all.